2015 MetroLeague Champions

Sunday 31 May saw two Capital Swim Club teams make the trip to the Coastlands Aquatic Centre on the Kapiti Coast to compete in the final of the 2015 Wellington Regional MetroLeague.

Both Capital Blue and Capital Yellow reached the Final following two previous qualification rounds.

The Blue team went on to become Champions but also qualified for the Final with the most points scored from the two preliminary meets.

Team Captains Sophie Irving (12) and Ben Stirling (12) collected the trophy.

Members of the Capital Blue team with the trophy at Coastlands

Director of Coaching Craig Albery commented, “This is a great achievement for our 12-year-and-under swimmers and very deserved. With injuries and illnesses, some swimmers have had to compete for both teams as well as in races they don’t usually do or like! That support and willingness just shows how far we have come over the last two years and a lot of that credit goes to coaches Timon Wilkinson and Cliff Threadgold.”

The Capital Yellow team was used as a development platform for a lot of the Capital's younger or new swimmers. This has meant the Club used more athletes than in last year’s competition. Their involvement in the Final is also testament to the depth the Club now has within the Junior Squads system.

Albery continued, “The parents of our swimmers have been very supportive of the competition too. Without them, we would not be able to field two teams, so a thank you to them all.”

Final points table 
1. Blue CAP 761
2. Black PCA  735
3. Valley Distroyers SZR 622.5
4. Titans TWA 469
5. Demolition KRI  456
6. Yellow CAP 372
7. Raptors RAU 351.5
8. Tigers TWA  214
9. Gold PCA 199