Capital Classic 2018

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2018 Capital Classic Initial Psych Sheets.pdf

2018 Capital Classic Session Report.pdf

There will be no printed programmes available for spectators to purchase at this Meet. Please print the Programme that is released Friday afternoon if you wish to have a hardcopy to follow. The Meet Programme and Results will be available on Meet Mobile as the Meet progresses.


* All swimmers entered in the meet can each claim one blue(male race) ticket and one pink (female race) ticket. 

* Lanes for the swimmers will be drawn after the sweepstake has closed at the end of warmup and posted at the sweepstake desk. 

* If there are insufficient swimmers entering either race, the lane ticket availability will reflect that reduction. 

* The stroke each of the races will swim will be determined by the spinning of the Wheel of Pain once all swimmers are behind the blocks. 

* After both races have been completed the Sweepstake will reopen to allow those holding a correct winning lane ticket to claim their prize. 

* In the event of a tie between lanes, the two winning tickets will be paid out with half a block of chocolate each. 

* If a person is lucky enough to have chosen the winning lanes of both male and female races, they are entitled to two blocks of chocolate, and will not be penalised for their good fortune. 

* If you are not a winner, please sulk then throw your useless ticket in the nearest bin, and not on the floor.