Squad Fees

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Swim Squad Fees - as at April 2015

As a ‘not for profit’ organisation, the Capital Swim Club aims to keep  fees as low as possible. However the Club has a number of fixed and  fluctuating costs to cover such as coaching, pool hire and  administration. Therefore, the Club is unable to offer ‘part fee’ options. Each squad member is charged at the full rate irrespective of  attendance. This approach ensures that:

  • we can budget more accurately
  • that swimmers are entitled to attend all sessions
  • we are promoting swimming as a primary activity
  • those on waiting lists (where applicable) are not disadvantaged

Capital Swim Club is required to pay a registration fee to Swim New Zealand  once a year to register you as a swimmer with Swimming New Zealand and  Swimming Wellington. This registration allows you to compete and swim at any meet within New Zealand (or overseas). All administration fees (including registration) are charged additional to the squad fees 

Swim Squad Fees
Squads Monthly Swim Squad Fees (A/P)
Junior Dolphins $60.00
Junior Olympians $100.00
Youth Group $150.00
National Group $175.00
Senior Group $200.00

There is no provision for a reduction of squad fees if you do not attend all sessions designated for your squad. Exceptions may be approved by the Board in extenuating circumstances, for example, prolonged sickness.

If a swimmer resigns from the Club then they must inform the Race Secretary by emailing the racesec@capitalswim.co.nz.

Swim squad fees do not include affiliation fees and the annual membership subscription, which are invoiced separately to all club members. Squad fees are paid in advance in full (annually) or quarterly or monthly.

Swim squad fees do not include participation in school holiday swim  programmes. If these are run, they will be invoiced separately to those wishing to participate.

The swim terms basically follow the school terms:

  • Term 1 - Start of February to early April
  • Term 2 - Late April to end June
  • Term 3 - Mid July to end of September
  • Term 4 - Mid October to Mid December

An quarterly squad fee invoice is emailed to each family/member, and it can be paid in one of the three ways, all of which must be in advance, not behind:

  • 1 x annual payment in full  or
  • 4 x equal quarterly payments on the 1st of April, 1st of July, 1st of October, 1st of January or
  • 12 x equal monthly payments on the 1st of every month, starting on 1 April

In addition to the annual squad fee, all members are invoiced for an annual membership/affiliation fee, which must be paid in full at the beginning of the financial year, and cannot be pro-rated for part year attendance or membership.

Members are allocated a family number on joining and it is important that this  family number is used as a reference on all payments to the Club so the  payments can be applied to the correct family account.

Payment is preferred by automatic payment to the Capital Swim Club account  using swimmers surname and family code as a reference. Our account  details are:

  • Bank: Westpac
  • Name: Capital Swim Club
  • Account Number: 03-0521-0208931-00

Alternatively payment can be made by cheque posted to Capital Swim Club at PO Box  14-652, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6241. If you pay by cheque please ensure  it is received by the Club by the due date.